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Experienced Approach

Whilst every client is different, and every project has it’s own nuances, there are some constants that will determine the success of a project. These form the bedrock of our approach.

Getting the Foundations right:

What are you trying to achieve?

Change is scary. We know that. Clear articulation of why you’re doing something and what the benefits will be makes that change understandable and much less frightening.

The foundations of all programmes and projects need to be solid, so the time spent scoping and defining the expected deliverables, understanding exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve and the benefits you’re expecting to realise is always time well spent.


It’s all about the people! Be they resources, stakeholders, users, or patients, it’s always all about the people. Understanding who your stakeholders are, who the users are, who’s going to be affected by the project, is crucial. And then understanding how to communicate with them, how to bring them along on the journey, doing with rather than doing to, is vital to the eventual success of the project. We always spend time identifying all the people who will be touched by the project.


Once you know what it is you want to achieve there’s a decision to be made about how you’re going to get there. This is the process. There are many different methodologies and programme and project management approaches, not all will be appropriate for your endeavor. We are experts in many of them and will help you assess and choose the most appropriate for your objectives.

Get the Governance right. There will always be as many differing opinions as there are stakeholders. There maybe political or organisational differences. Understanding these and setting up the appropriate governance, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities and decision making authority from the get go will ensure the project runs smoothly. There will always need to be a final, ultimate authority. Identifying and agreeing on who this is before the project needs them to make a decision will make the process smoother when the time comes.


The final P is product. This could be options appraisal that leads to the Strategic Outline Case and on to Business Case, or the procurement of a new application and it’s implementation. This is the element we’re trying to achieve and its delivery and the benefits that it will bring. A clear definition, tight scope and funding and realistic timescales are the keystones of sucess.

  • Client focus. At the heart of what we do is always the needs of our clients.
  • Planning. We ensure that the foundations of all our projects are strong, clearly understood and communicated across all the stakeholders.
  • Partnerships. We strive to establish a collaborative partnership with our clients and stakeholders, recognising that challenges are best addressed by working together.
  • Governance. Get it right from inception.
  • Scope. Clearly defined and benefit expectations shared and agreed.
  • Leadership and support. We bring strong, inclusive leadership to all our assignments, support is critical to the success of any programme.

Relevant Expertise

Healthcare and Life Science Technology is simply what we do. No two projects or organisations are the same, however there are commonalities and we have a repository of many lessons identified. (there is a big difference between identifying lessons and acting on them, learning from them.) Use the benefit of our experience to get things right.