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Our team bring well over 50 years of experience in delivering digital programmes in Healthcare, Life Sciences and central government. We have supported Primary Care Trusts, Acute Trusts and Integrated Care Boards in the fulfillment of their digital ambitions.

Our expertise and experience stretches across all the digital domains, from infrastructure and solution design to specialist applications such as Electronic Patient Records Systems (EPR’s,) Patient Administration Systems (PAS’s) Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS,) & Radiology Information Systems, (RIS,) and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

We understand your concerns, challenges and constraints and will work with you to deliver the best possible outcomes and patient experience.

The Building Blocks to your digital Success


What you need and why


Milestones & objectives


Informing & supporting

Implementation Plan

How to be successful


Ongoing lessons learned


Keeping everyone in-the-loop

Risk Mitigation

Issues managed & resolved


Important frameworks

The right solution

We work with healthcare providers and their partners to delivery digital programmes that transforms the work of their teams, their patient experiences and budget. 

Through implementing sustainable digital transformation, positive impact is seen throughout; waiting times are reduced, information is easily accessible, decisions more easily reached and communicated.

From consultation to implementation, we deliver valuable and impactful programmes designed around your unique outcomes.